As a business, Vihanti Digital Services is about more than making money (although we like that too!). We care about our customers. We want to help them succeed through unleashed creative potential. More than that, we care about each other and our communities. That’s why Vihanti Digital Services holds a triple bottom line:




We are committed to investing in each other through on-the-job training opportunities. We are devoted to our families which includes maintaining a healthy work/life balance. We are passionate about giving back to our community and our planet through volunteer events. Vihanti Digital Services even donates a percentage of all profits to the causes that our employees care about most. Above all, we treat each other and our customers with respect and integrity.

Our Values


We challenge each other to think outside the box. We enjoy learning new things and pushing the limits of innovation.


We do the right thing even when it costs us. This includes being honest with each other and with our customers.


We work better together. We appreciate the strengths of our team mates and help each other to be more than we could imagine.

Our Perks


We provide on-the-job training, so that you can advance in your career with help from those with decades of industry experience.


We take time to get to know each other, because we believe that work doesn’t need to feel like work.

Flexible Time Off

Our time off policy ensures that you have space for recharging with family and friends.

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